Please God no! A wristband that tells your boss if you are unhappy. Why not just put it around your ankle and be do… hours ago 1 8

Expect more videos of apartment blocks being welded shut. China’s latest COVID outbreak worst since March 2020 day ago 0 0

When the highlight of your day is a visit from the chimney sweep2 days ago 0 4

😁 GOOD NEWS AT LAST! THE FUTURE WILL BE REALLY MESSY by @retailfuturist on @LinkedIn2 days ago 0 0

A slice of Sunday wisdom please 😁 days ago 0 1

Paris’ Camps-Elysees to become a giant garden! 😳 days ago 1 1

Today’s beer from @MikkellerBeer wins 1st prize for the most nuanced (actually polysemy) name ever #JFK #berliner days ago 0 2

Made the silly error of browsing a couple of watch brands on @instagram recently. Omfg. I’ve been inundated by watc… days ago 0 1

Venice is watching tourists’ every move via @CNNTravel6 days ago 0 1

Brilliant 😁 days ago 0 3

There’s no question that switching off the global economy devastated retail. But we now have an exciting opportunity to take back our town centres and reshape them for a future we can all be part of.






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