World class NHS! day ago 0 5

Brandshaming: days ago 0 0

HS2: This is not the future days ago 0 2

Funny how an anagram of Heathrow Express is Psst..Where Hoaxers? @HeathrowExpress5 days ago 0 1

RT @timdanaher: Starbucks Reserve in Shanghai has to be seen to be believed. Sheer scale is incredible, and a genuine experience. Apparentl…5 days ago 2 0

Disgraceful. None of the actors here is a genuine cat! It’s not as if there’s a shortage #ScarlettJohanson days ago 0 2

Scarlett Johansson should only be allowed to play Scarlett Johansson in movies about Scarlett Johansson days ago 0 2

Freaky! I just received some audio tapes from the year 2030. Very freaky… days ago 0 0

The app that didn’t age well days ago 0 4

Handy grammar tip: never use the word ‘myself’. Makes you sound like Hyacinth Bucket 🤓6 days ago 0 2

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