Aitch S2, Aitch S2, Aitch S2. Whatever your views it is not, and will never be, Haitch S2 #HS22 days ago 0 3

A few rather impressive vistas around the #bloomberg buildings tonight3 days ago 0 0

The future is in safe hands #ClimateEmergency days ago 0 0

After a thirty thousand year love affair, it turns out our most cherished food icon of all time is killing us… days ago 0 4

Love this pic #primarkbirmingham3 days ago 0 4

Hotel offers ‘Bed and Primark’ shop and drop deal with free cocktails days ago 0 1

Freshly baked, and hot from the ranting oven days ago 0 1

A pioneering piece of corporate honesty that just might work. Incredibly interesting times via @prweekuknews3 days ago 1 1

This is a final chance to scrap HS2. What the north really needs is ‘HS3’ | Simon Jenkins days ago 0 0

Not quite ready for Christmas days ago 0 0

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