When in Rome #Barcelona56 mins ago 0 1

RT @BBCEmmaSimpson: The most interesting story is food – they’re closing or relocating 25 Simply Food stores but opening 75 new and bigger…3 hours ago 4 0

Just an ordinary Tuesday night in #Barcelona3 hours ago 0 3

Great job Rik. Synergy or what?👀 https://t.co/zVQIXEFSi16 hours ago 1 1

And here’s @rikvera dancing on the catwalk in Barcelona(outfit is model’s own)7 hours ago 0 2

He’ll bounce back. You wait. Maybe not with an empire but with something rooted in integrity. Oh yes #JamieOliver https://t.co/d4OYWq6HoO23 hours ago 0 0

My first proper Barcelona G&T in ages24 hours ago 0 3

Hello Barcelona. It’s been too long1 day ago 0 1

Ooof. Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire poised to go into administration – The Telegraph https://t.co/KmFm2t4y3V1 day ago 1 0

Has anyone worked out the #carbonfootprint of the #ChelseaFlowerShow ? Maybe it should be banned?1 day ago 0 2

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