A very worthwhile read (especially the bit about sumptuary laws) The Perverse Panic over Plastic https://t.co/QK63uAbuCd8 hours ago 0 1

No coincidence. Apparently https://t.co/HMZoz5G7mN15 hours ago 0 1

England’s answer to Restoration Hardware here in Bury St Edmunds. Neptune is impressive too https://t.co/lrZssIQlWe1 day ago 0 2

Harsh. But fair. https://t.co/FBV4oQKnpy2 days ago 1 1

Great new promotion for @sciencemuseum The Die In! Sure to catch on https://t.co/M2GZ0WbZet2 days ago 0 0

Fewer letters are being posted, so let’s increase the price! 1st class stamp rises to 76p https://t.co/jvzDNjwRG9 via @MetroUK3 days ago 0 3

Which way is the @Huawei ? https://t.co/xG6CZ4LCqT3 days ago 0 0

Who would’ve thunk it 🙄 https://t.co/6FLVfpFhLW3 days ago 0 0

Actually 25% down at a mere 6 hours per day 😳 #screentme #addicted #addict4 days ago 0 1

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