This is fun hours ago 2 5

“The Search for the True Spirit of Christmas” by @retailfuturist on @LinkedIn1 day ago 0 0

Bit too matchy-matchy for me #louisvuitton @ Louis Vuitton days ago 0 0

Kids ruin Christmas. My new blog: days ago 0 0

Shitty shitty day out there so canopy_market #kingscross is where it’s at days ago 0 2

Gotta love a good brand name @UglyDumplingUK @ Canopy Market days ago 0 1

Ted Baker is in desperate need of a leader with energy and gravitas. Doubt will bury it days ago 0 1

My brand new blog is VERY Christmassy and ready for you to unwrap now! via @LinkedIn3 days ago 0 2

Food labels should just tell you how bad you should feel, on a spectrum of dodgy to utter shite #calories days ago 0 0

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