Just posted a photo @ Financial District, Manhattan https://t.co/ybImMcKv5k1 hour ago 0 0

A few pics from the gorgeous @10CorsoComo NYC3 hours ago 0 0

Came across this while browsing AND I CAN’T UNSEE IT! #philipgreen3 hours ago 1 2

Just posted a photo @ John F. Kennedy International Airport https://t.co/dHdnEfohU614 hours ago 0 0

Flew to London on this 747 in retro #BOAC livery. V cool.14 hours ago 0 8

Just posted a photo @ One World Trade Center https://t.co/tTiRQ4yUXq20 hours ago 0 0

Just posted a photo @ Flatiron District, NYC https://t.co/JCDubft6aj20 hours ago 0 0

Interesting work from @desigual on Broadway #NYC22 hours ago 0 1

Very sad to see an old NYC icon disappearing #deananddeluca22 hours ago 0 0

You can always rely on @fishseddynyc https://t.co/y0HeUJJDvy2 days ago 0 0

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