No way!!
Coca-Cola’s greenwashing exposed
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Musk sacks half his autopilot division #autonomousCar hours ago 0 0

Ben & Jerry’s antisemitism overruled by Unilever hours ago 0 1


Prince Charles will no longer accept large bags full of cash hours ago 0 1

WHO warns of monkeypox risk to pregnant people #pregnantpeople 🙄 hours ago 0 0

Ze Zim Zir: Don’t like pronoun badges? You can go, Halifax tells customers hours ago 0 0

😳 You seen the price of a tin of beans these days? hours ago 0 0

Freezer crowd: Sainsbury’s says shoppers are turning to frozen foods day ago 0 0

The ‘wool’ M&S jumper that’s only a third wool… and the ‘silk’ dress made of polyester: How big brands’ products… day ago 0 0

Told you:
Plans for electric cars to pay tax by the mile
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There’s no question that switching off the global economy devastated retail. But we now have an exciting opportunity to take back our town centres and reshape them for a future we can all be part of.






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