Localism gets tough: New Zealand bans sale of homes to foreign buyers https://t.co/xpzl6CUpG23 days ago 1 1

RT @NeilRetail: 🇬🇧 What customer behaviour in supermarkets do you find most irksome? https://t.co/DpYQRggePB3 days ago 2 0

Phew! For a while there I thought I was alone: Amazon tax should be sent to the recycle bin’ | via @telegraph https://t.co/rV95407WQl4 days ago 0 0

I did warn you. Fast fashion: The fight to end the silence on waste – BBC News https://t.co/zR3DCb4CT64 days ago 0 0

RT @thetweetailer: Overhyped and underutilized or a revolution that’s just beginning? New Forbes post on voice commerce: https://t.co/Dj9U6…5 days ago 2 0

RT @JuanitaNeville: McDonald’s opened a new flagship store in Chicago last week that looks more like an Apple Store than a fast-food restau…5 days ago 1 0

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