On the train with the sniffers, coughers, burpers, masticators, tea-slurpers, leaky headphoners, giant laptoppers a… https://t.co/26dDfqEHuW3 hours ago 0 0

Big day ahead with the Argos Sainsbury’s gang. Shoes polished, wits sharpened #futureofretail https://t.co/DachiA4LiR5 hours ago 0 2

RT @aldisfirman: So I think its safe to say on day 3 of the WRC, the rumours of the brick and mortar demise are “greatly over exaggerated”.…5 hours ago 2 0

National Insurance was originally ring-fenced for sickness benefits…then later for pensions. Now discussion is fo… https://t.co/FEnQQOR0Pl7 hours ago 0 0

I remember Vesta the first time around #Robotics https://t.co/9YjaTm25S917 hours ago 1 1

Something is rumbling in the Twittersphere. And it’s good. https://t.co/OS44stNIGQ18 hours ago 0 1

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